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Over the years, I've always found myself working on various projects, for school, for others, for enjoyment and for myself...

I've dabbled in video editing, photo manipulation, audio mixing, podcast creation, game editing, storytelling, roleplaying & a host of other things I find entertaining.

Here I present my projects, both past and present. Have a look around; use the categories above to sort through various project types. As I rummage through my digital clutter and create new stuff, I'll continue updating this site. Comment if you want, and enjoy!

Friday, February 7, 2014

Original Fairies

I've always love the symbolism and imagery involving Fairies.  The lore, the intrigue, the unknown and mystical: I began making some fairy art.  Below are the final products.  I began working in Poser, tweaking models and adding wing prefabs from work I did in 3DStudioMaxx, Bryce, RayDream.  After rendering, I worked in Photoshop to get the desired effects for each piece.  While I may not have gotten all my ideas translated for this group, I do view them as a complete collection... A collection of Fairies. ;)

Fairy Rain Dance
Fairy Ponder

Fairy Landing

Fairy Cower

The following two renders are incomplete, in the sense that there are no post-effects on them after the original renders.  I got caught up on the lighting of the figure, and had some issues with my computer at the time.  I intended to go back and re-render / compile, but the original poser file was corrupt and the 3d model irretrievable.  Glad I had these exports from the file, but sad that I never did get to complete it.
Fairy Curious (Unfinished Render1)

Fairy Curious (Unfinished Render2)

Please feel free to comment on any of the works.