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Friday, April 4, 2014

Play-Doh Rose

So instead of getting us raises, our boss bought us Play-Doh. LOL. Not really; in actuality, he went to some management seminar that said the smell of Play-Doh would help employees de-stress. Something about bringing us back to our childhood memories or something. Anyway, I made this & thought I'd post'em up here. If I make more things, I'll try to stick them up here too. The way I see it, is the boss can't get angry at me for playing with it, since he's the one that bought it for us. I'm just utilizing the resources provided, right? :)

Since I only had Red, I made the rose first, then made a red stem.  Later, I gathered more colors to finish the look.

 So, I decided to beg others for colors to complete the stem & thorns.  Below is the final result.

So, all-in-all, I think it turned out pretty good.  Several co-workers told me to leave it out and let is harden, but then I wouldn't have any more Play-Doh to play with, so in the end, I wound up destroying it.