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I've dabbled in video editing, photo manipulation, audio mixing, podcast creation, game editing, storytelling, roleplaying & a host of other things I find entertaining.

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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Swamp Rangers

Found this when I was rummaging through my digital clutter.  It's a flash animation I did for a friend for a school project.  I'm not sure why I kept it all these years, but I even still had the source files.  The ending credits won't be posted since they involve real names, but there's a little "The End" thing I rendered which I've included in this.

Like I said, this was done a long time ago, and I only post it here for nostalgia :)  It's silly, but it's pretty impressive knowing flash animation and techniques were still in their infancy.

Click the post heading or "Read More" link below to see the video.  It's got music, so I didn't want it to start immediately.