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Monday, May 9, 2016

Deedlit Originals

The following drawings I did based on "Record of Lodoss War" anime.  The character is a high elf named Deedlit and her beauty and grace are captivating in the anime.  While an older title, it's regarded as one of the most definitive swords & sorcery anime series out there.  Definitely worth a watch!

One of my favorite pencil drawings, I believe this sketch captures her grace and beauty quite well.  I dislike the breast area of the bodice, but the shoulders and face turned out quite well.  I generally don't enjoy shading with pencil and much rather the scribbling of pen / ink, but this pencil is more than justified.  This was created in early 2000's.
Salvaged from a flood, I enjoyed drawing her excited expression and flowing gown.  I may have scribble-shaded a bit too much from the chest outward, but I'm really happy to have saved this & finally able to scan and archive for completion.  I think this was the second attempt at drawing the character, roughly around 2000. 

I regard this as the ugliest elf I've drawn.  LOL.  Comparing this to the first one in this post, you can clearly see strides in skill.  That said, this was the first I ever drew of Deedlit (maybe the first elf).  Drawing done in the late 90's.

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