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Monday, May 9, 2016

Original Mystical Drawings

A flying Pixie / Fairy.  Kinda liked the idea of a pixie having elf like ears. I think mainly I was playing around with the outstretched female form (which is why she doesn't have clothes).  This pen / ink sketch was done around 1997.

I love the wings in this original drawing.  I remember spending more time on it than I did the rump of the fairy, which is why I got a little overzealous on it.  Her feet are also somewhat smaller than I like, but I love the wing design and hair fall.  I revisited this character a few times later on a mural I did for a calendar border in high school.  Don't think I have those anymore, but if I run across it, I'll post it.  This was done around 1999.

Originally done as a nude sketch, I decided to put clothes on this "Fairy of the Lake" and submitted as a pen / ink submission for an art class project in high school.  While I don't remember what I made on the project, I remember I liked this concept so much that I kept the drawing & eventually replicated it in Bryce 3d.  Unfortunately, I lost the renders, so I always look upon this concept art with a sad tone (even more so than the picture suggests).  Upon revewing for this upload, however, I see a slight amount of sinisterness in the serene, yet windy setting.  I may have to re-visualize this soon in the future...  Done around 1999.

I drew this to inspire me when writing a piece of fiction for school.  Originally, I intended the middle section to be a silhouette of the character's overbearing father looking down on her as a child.  This was meant to be what she sees when she looks at the sword.  I outlined the edges and eventually went back with WAY TOO BROAD marker, which really changed this from being a sword to something else.  Either way, I really liked the pen / ink stuff in the middle & I'm glad I had a chance to scan it.

This was intended to be the character from the above piece.  It actually turned out to be something more and the elven character displayed here actually wound up inspiring me to write a piece of fan-fiction in Everquest (PC MMO) back in 1998.
Her name was Alexiya Raziel.

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