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Monday, May 9, 2016

Original Elf

As I see this drawing after scanning, for a brief moment, I thought this was a picture of a male elf.  Then I saw that I had small protrusions on its chest.  While this was the only sketch I ever did of this original character, I can't help but think this started as a man, and changed to a woman upon finishing the piece.  This was done in 2003, and looks to have a few braided areas inspired by Pirates of the Caribbean or Star Wars padawans.  That said, I think it's an interesting enough character that I may go back and draw a few updated versions.

Drawing on a few cultural influences, this original elf drawing features braided hair, a small ear clasp and an oriental-stylized top.  I love the eyes and hair, so this very well may be a character I choose to return to.  If that happens, I'll postem here.

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