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Monday, May 9, 2016

Ranma and Friends

I've always been into the show "Ranma 1/2"  Below are some original drawings I've done of the series over the years.  Unfortunately, due to a flood, some were damaged.  I've been able to restore a few, and if I'm able to restore more in the future, I'll post them on my site.

This is by far my favorite anime picture I've done.  I love the look in their eyes and the shoulder placement of Ranma, almost as if he just took her hands in his.  This is right before a much wanted kiss between the two.  Unfortunately, as you can see, there was extensive water damage to this piece, so much so, that the paper actually began to crumble and is now ripped.  I'm lucky to have had this scan, and while I want so badly to recreate it, I fear I may not capture what I see here, despite the bleeding ink.

This is my favorite pen / ink drawing of Ranma.  I love the look in his eyes and the contemplation you feel from this drawing.  I may have skimped on the ear a bit, but I enjoyed this so much, I put color to it (shown below).

While it may not look like it quite as much on this scanned version, the original crayon coloring looks much better.  The background was painstakenly blended to create a sunset 'lost in thought' picture that remains on of my favorites to date.

This was the first time I ever drew Shampoo (and really the first time I attempted to draw any anime) so I can't be too hard on myself.  I was using this as a base to test my coloring skills & it wasn't until coloring the last piece that I realized I colored her hair the wrong color!  Either way, it was my first attempt, so I'm okay with it.

The uncolored version of the picture below.  I dislike some of the oddly proportioned elements in this drawing.  As luck would have it, this survived any flood damage, so I decided to color it a bit later.  I still love the face and hair, so I do like it, but it's not my favorite.  It was one of the first Shampoo drawings I did though, so I'm happy to still have it.

Colored with crayon & blended with heat from my finger & friction :)  I think the coloring improved his piece significantly, but I still don't like the placement of appendages.

This one of Azusa had extensive water damage.  I was able to clean it up below.

I may eventually add color to this one, but since the original is so corrupt, I'll have to do it digitally for it to look alright.  If I decide to do this, I'll post the finished product here.

Because there was so much ink on this, I didn't want to try to do a restoration.  I never got to write something on his sign.  Kinda sad.  Maybe I should use it as a 404 error page...

Mr. Saotome's Panda form ink bled through onto this piece.  Damn you Genma!
The restoration turned out to be alright, but I lost a bit of detail in the hair, and I think there were a few bits in the cheek area I wasn't able to translate.  Still not a bad restoration.

If you look closely, you an see a bow in the middle of her head, I think from another Azusa drawing I lost.

This is one of my favorite shots of Shampoo.  I'm so glad I was able to restore it, given the extensive water damage in the above picture.  I may go back and colorize this one, simply because I love Shampoo's cuteness in it.  While there may be some issues with face-shape, hand placement, etc... I really love the hair and eyes.

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